Partnership with Jefferson County Public Health

Madras Athletic Club and has partnered with Jefferson County Public Health in a health and fitness survey project called, “Learning Good Health Habits Early in Life to Prevent Chronic Disease.” Age groups 18-24, 25-33 and 35-44 will be referred to Madras Athletic Club with a three month membership where MAC will keep record of their progress and include fitness classes, outdoor group activities and personal training sessions. Also, Madras Athletic Club has adapted a new health management software that can track not only your weight but also an individuals body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), visceral fat rating, body water mass, muscle mass, metabolic rate and more.

Do you fit into one of the age groups required and would like to advance your health? We have a few more slots available for this project. Stop by or call us to join. (541) 475-9369


Would you help us by taking the opportunity to take this short survey? Whether you are a Madras Athletic Club member or not, you can help and make a difference in our community by providing us with more information. You can find the link here.

May- Check-in Times for Measurements and Survey

Wednesday, May 18th & Friday, May 20th from 4-6pm.